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2020 Campus Master Plan

The University of Canberra is in the process of creating a distinctively designed Campus Master Plan for our future. UC is a world ranked university with a truly global footprint located in the heart of Belconnen; this is our community.

Our Ambitions

The Master Plan will provide a built environment strategy for decision makers at University of Canberra’s Bruce Campus over the next 20 years, which aligns with UC’s strategic ambitions and the changing context. It will ensure cohesive Campus development over time, balancing the varying needs of the University community while maximising the ability of the built environment to embody UC’s learning pedagogies, values and aspirations.

The Master Plan will:

  • Align with UC’s Strategic Plan Distinctive By Design
  • Embody the Educated Life - blurred boundaries
  • Envisage a Civic University locally anchored with a global outreach
  • Reinforce UC’s identity - in/of/for/from Canberra and surrounding regions
  • Create a physical point of difference
  • Support UC’s teaching, learning and research agenda
  • Enable new partnerships which benefit UC
  • Support reconciliation
  • Encourage diversity
  • Provide a lively student and community experience
  • Reuse viable built form and infrastructure
  • Ensure infrastructure and built form is future-ready
  • Harness the bush character of the Campus
  • Set ambitious environmental sustainability targets
  • Include digital and smart city initiatives
  • Allow for growth within means
  • Be a catalyst for investment and partnerships
  • Inform site selection for development

Our Drivers

The ambitions of the Master Plan have been directly informed by the following 6 key drivers. These drivers support the goals of the Educated Life philosophy and Master Plan vision, and respond to the overarching elements important to the planning and design of the Bruce Campus. Each driver is expressed in the form of an aspirational goal for the Campus. They represent a synthesis of existing conditions, while also serving as the impetus for the creation of the Master Plan.

Master Plan Drivers

Our Framework

The Master Plan Framework visualises the structure of the Master Plan. A wheel has been chosen to represent the continuity of the ideas: categories are not mutually exclusive. The Framework draws directly from UC’s Strategic Plan, and specifically the ‘Educated Life’.

Master Plan Vision Framework

Source: MGS Architects

At the centre of the wheel is the Vision (the Educated Life), which is surrounded by four quadrants, the themes, which are then further segmented as supporting strategies. Concentric circles surround the Framework, which are considerations for each theme and strategy.

Campus Vision

The Campus Vision articulates the ambitions of the Master Plan, and draws upon UC’s strategic ambition. The text was developed in response to Stage 1’s stakeholder engagement, and may evolve as the Master Plan process continues.

The University of Canberra’s Bruce Campus will be a vibrant, diverse and sustainable Learning community, embodying the Educated Life by blurring the boundaries between the academy and the community.


The Master Plan is framed by series of themes, which have been developed by the Design Team as a response to what we have seen, heard and read, and act as overarching categories to define design and development opportunities.


Each theme is underpinned by strategies, which offer tangible directions for future work, and a method for achieving the Campus Vision.

Design Priorities

Design Priorities will provide high level built form and landscape design advice regarding future development on the Campus. These priorities will underpin all of the above strategies.

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