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Yp Teow-Khoon, Thunderstorm

Yp Teow -Khoon, Thunderstorm

Yp Teow-Khoon Thunderstorm

Yp Teow-Khoon's Thunderstorm is one of several  pictures gifted to the University of Canberra (when it was still the Canberra College of Advanced Education) in the late 1970s. Although there is little known about the artist, he has chosen a subject matter; which as attracted artists for hundreds of years- everyone from  Da Vinci to Gainsborough. Storms provide a fascinating study in chiarascaro, the study of  light and dark as well as effects of cloud and rain-bursts.  Y Teo-Khoon  illustrates the darkness of the storm clouds with effect using  traditional Chinese brush-strokes and  the use of inks and water-colour.  The work is believed to have been given to the University in the lat1970s.