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Ursula Laverty: Various Works

The Artist

Ursula Laverty was born in London in 1930 and immigrated to Australia when she was  nineteen, in 1949.  Ursula studied at the  Winchester School of Art, England and National Art School Sydney, A.S.T.C., She married fellow artist Peter Laverty and became Foundation and Life Member of Sydney Printmakers and regular exhibitor from 1961 to 1986. Laverty designed Station of the Cross Mosaics for new Catholic Church Pymble 1992. Mosaics carried out by mosacist Mary Hall. In 1993, Ursula published a book on poetry and drawings, 'Counterpoint.'  Her works were also published in the  Australian Religious Diary 1997, 1998, 2000-2006 inclusive.

Birds in a plum tree by Ursula Laverty Bamboo by Ursula Laverty

The Works of Art

The University of Canberra Art Collection holds two screenprints by Ursula Laverty. Both works were published in 1979 and were limited editions  (ed 9 of 50).  Ursula  is particularly known for her studies of nature.  In the first screen -print , three rainbow lorrakeets are perched on branches of  a plum tree in a gin-blue clear sky. The second  print  depicts the leaves and branches of  bamboo that overlap  against an autumn sky.  The arrangement of bamboo stems creates striking patterns along  with  Ursula's use of a range of colours to depict the  depth of foilage. You could almost hear the  bamboo stems rustle in the autumn air.

Also in the University Art Collection is Peter Laverty's  Seascape, a work of art, which compliments the two screenpint in many respects.