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Tracey Moffatt: I made a camera

The Artist

Tracey Moffatt is one of the most significant artists in the field of photography in Australia. Her work has transformed photographic practice in Australia in the late 20th century. Her breakthrough work was Something More (1989), made in the same year as her short film Night Cries – A Rural Tragedy. But Moffatt, who graduated from Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, in 1982, had already been active for several years by then, developing her skills in photography, notably in the field of portraiture, and in filmmaking. She had also begun evolving her trademark constructed imagery which drew from her love of popular culture, especially television, as well as the visual arts, including photography, film and painting. This explains the significance of her early decision to describe herself as an image-maker rather than a specialist in a particular medium, and her ongoing interest in hybridisation and combinatory forms  (MCA Handbook).

Tracey Moffatt, I made a Camera

The Work of Art

I made a camera is  an interesting print as the subject matter is based on the photographic practice. Moffatt created this image to celebrate her exhibition at the MCA in Sydney. The image shows a lady taking a photograph using an old fashioned pin-hole camera. It deliberately resembles an old style image  with its sepia appearance.  the image which sold sold exclusively through the MCA is a limited edition print of which this is 190 of 750. The work was published in  2003. Although this is the only example of Tracey Moffatt's work in the Art Collection, her works can be found  worldwide.


Helen Ennis, MCA, MCA entry: