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Tony Deigan: Early Flowers

The Artist

According to the Southern Highlands Printmakers website, printmaking has been Tony  Deigan's life's work.

From Art School in 1963, to instructor at St. Martins School of Art in London ’68-’90, to printing for prominent Australian artists, Tony continues today, teaching the art of the print which gives the same rewarding experience.

The challenges and excitement of seeing an image “come off the press” is exquisite and so he continues sharing his knowledge.

In his youth, etching was the media for making social comment. Later his influences were in observing and studying art in London museums and from travels to Indonesia. Fascinated by ethnic patterns and local language, Tony’s prints were often combined with collage to express their organic origins.

As part of his life’s work, Tony was fortunate to print for Australian artists including Arthur Boyd’s collagraphs both in England and in Australia.

Although printmaking and painting have been at the centre of Tony’s work, recently his interest has extended into exploring ceramics and silver smithing.

Early Flowers by Tony Deigan

The Work of Art

Early Flowers is an etching creating  and published in 1978. It is a very bright and colourful work. The etching depicts a still life composition of white, yellow and blue flowers in a blue vase against a yellow background. Although this is the only  example of Tony's work in the  Art Collection, it is one of a number of still life compositions, many of which were painted and published around the same time.