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Tom Rowney, Black, White and Grey Merletto Bowl

Tom Rowney Black, White and Grey Merletto Bowl

Black, White and Grey Merletto Bowl by Tom Rowney

Tom Rowney has been working in glass for over 25 years and is renowned as one of the most accomplished glass blowers in Australia. Venetian style cane work is a constant source of inspiration for Tom, which he combines with his interest in creating geometric forms and graphic lines, producing both technically and visually beautiful work.2

Rowney's 'Black, White and Grey Merletto bowl' is an exquisite example of fine work in ceramic and glass. The light seems to play on the fine surface of the bowl. Such effects are classic for a master craftsman and recalls the fine work that can be seen in 16th and 17th Century wine glasses and even further, the effects of light in Roman glass.

18th Century blown wine glass Roman glassware that changes colour from 500BC


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