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Stephen Walker, Rocker Diviner

The Artist

Stephen Walker was born in Victoria in 1927. After leaving school at the age of thirteen, he attended the Melbourne Teachers College between 1945 and 1947 before moving to Hobart, Tasmania.  In the 1950s he travelled and studied in Eruope visiting Rome, Florence and Prague as well as studying under Henry Moore.

Walker is known for his bronze and wooden sculptures of which the Tank Stream Fountain  near Circular Quay, Sydney and the memorial for the Antarctic explorer, Louis Bernacchi at Hobart's Victoria Dock are good examples.

Stephen passed away on the 16th June 2014.

Stephen Walker Rocker Diviner

The work of Art

Rocker Diviner is a significant work in the University's Art Collection. One of twenty public sculptures located  around the University's campus. Rocker Diviner is made of four stout  huon pine legs joined at the top and below by two bronze fixtures. The top  bronze fixtures resemble two cymbals that sit comfortably onto the pine legs and supports a large bronze crescent shape which acts as a counterweight to a bronze form opposite it. Two global forms part way down the  legs limits the swing of the bronze pendulum.  The work was created and installed in 1979 and is the only sculpture by Stephen Walker on the University campus.