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Roslyn Kean: Bon 111 Tibet

The Artist

Roslyn Kean was born in Sydney, NSW in 1953. According to the Sydney Printmakers website, during Post Graduate studies at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL London in 1976 -78 research work was undertaken at the British Museum in the field of Traditional Japanese Woodblock prints. In 1985 Roslyn was awarded a Japanese Monbusho scholarship providing two years graduate research at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts in the field of Mokuhanga. Since 1988 Roslyn has specialized in Japanese printing techniques and has taught extensively in Australia and the UK . Her work is strongly linked to Japanese aesthetic and philosophy.

Bon 111 Tibet by Roslyn Kean

The Work of Art

Bon 111  Tibet  is a wood-block created print  published by Roslyn Kean in 1989.  It is a simply composed blue rectangle with a black square and a blue circle superimposed upon it. This work is in the manner of Japanese prints that Roslyn both studied and has taken inspiration from. The designs are simplistic yet, with a limited number of colours and patterns  are very effective. The example of Bon 111 Tibet is the artist's proof.

The University of Canberra Art Collection also holds a second work by Kean. Sacred Passage was  published  as part of the 'Land' Portfolio to mark the  bicentennial  of European  settlement  in 1788.  Sacred Passage, of which this is edition  8 of 99, is a mixed pattern of brown and golds not unlike carpet  floor of  a wood in autumn.

Sacred Passage by Roslyn Kean