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Roma Higgins, Country Show

Roma Higgins, Country Show

Country Show

The Artist

According to the Australian and New Zealand  Art Sales Digest, Roma Higgins  was born in the United Kingdom in 1908. Roma arrived in Australia as a young child and did not seriously paint until her sixties (1972).  Her works are very much in a naive style and her works were exhibited  throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Roma won the Albury Art Prize in 1976. Roma died in 1979.

Ancoats by L S Lowry

The Work of Art

the Country Show depicts a country agricultural show with everything from side-show alley, animal shows and awards, art and craft pavillions and  much more. Painted in or around 1977, one could draw comparisons with the other great naive  artist, L.S Lowry.  Both were active during the same  period.  What is significant about both artists is  the subject matter and how both artists portray society,  and pass social commentary, although Higgins' focus is more rural.  To that effect,  the same feelings that  conjured up  in both paintings  can also be ascribed to  the tribute by duo, Brian and Michael " Matchstalk men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs's in the late 1978s.