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Robin Thomas, Gannets

Janet Robyn Thomas, Gannets

The Artist

Although Robin Thomas says that her first instruction in drawing was 'put down what you see', it is more often what she remembers that astounds us most.

It is this memory for delicate and intrinsic detail that holds us spellbound in front of her enchanting coloured ink drawings.

Robin grew up in Western Australia, spending her childhood in the isolated world of a wheat belt farm and her drawings are an extension of that world. The drawings have been her companions ever since, and she has worked over the years to resolve puzzles to light ad colour and space and pattern.

Thomas has held solo shows with the ABC in Perth, Macquarie Gallery in Canberra and the Robb Street Gallery,  Bainsdale, Victoria and has been involved in a number of collaborative shows.

Gannets by Robin Thomas

The Work of art

The Robin never looks at just one thing. She is always looking at the relation between things and herself. Her works seem to encourage us to find ourselves in her past or in some puzzling ways in that of our own.   She is ever refining images, making them richer and more intense ever collecting things from past and present and weaving them into themes which embody particular ways of seeing.

Drawing directly onto paper with pen and coloured inks she starts at one corner and works across the page putting down objects that please her as they come into her mind or her view..

These thoughts and images have in the past dealt mostly with familiar scenes were gardens, birds, ducks and cats are portrayed with subtlety and love and depicted in magical intricate spaces.

Gannets  by Robyn Thomas is one of a number of works of art in the University of Canberra's Art Collection with a  wildlife theme. You may like to explore other  works of art along the same theme such as Jan Brown's birds or William Hodgkinson's black cockatoo. Consider how nature  is portrayed in  post modern and contemporary art forms.