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Richard and Dilys Brecknock, Various works

Richard and Dilys Brecknock: The Elements, Water and other Works

The Artists

Richard and Dilys Brecknock are best known for their works print works on textiles. Although there is very little biographical information about the artists, what is known is that the couple worked from their  'Sturt Gallery' , Mittagong, in the Southern Highlands. Active in the 1970s, they produced a range of decorative arts from wall hangings to soft fabrics and furniture. Their wall hangings were known for bright colours and imagery influenced by nature. Richard and Dilys used Australian natural fabrics and on occasion Czech linen. In an article written as far back as November 1975, the arts and crafts of the Brecknocks are described 'as inhabiting a world of colourful sophistication away from the demands of crass commercialisation'.

The Elements: Water by Richard and Dilys Brecknock

The Works of Art

The work of art, the elements, 'water' is typical of the textile designs of Richard and Dilys Brecknock. It depicts a sea-shore with waves breaking on sand and the sea in a heavy swell beneath a setting sun. Wavy lines, shapes and block colours  are also stylistic of the 1970s. Similar works include the works by John Coburn and John Olsen and the styles continued into decorative arts and styles then fashionable in the home.

Untitled by Richard and Dilys Brecknock

The second work of art by Richard and Dilys Brecknock, differs somewhat in that the composition uses a range of colours run alongside and cross each other resulting in a pleasing effect and one that seems timeless.


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