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Reg Livermore: Hydrangea

Reg Livermore, Hydrangeas

The Artist

According to his biography Reg Livermore was born in Parramatta in 1928. Although Reg had no formal artistic training as such, he was strongly influenced by artists of his generation like Jean-Jacques Morvan, Giuseppe D'Andrea Pat Higginbotham and John Byle.  Though perhaps best known as an entertainer, particularly in the theatre, He was encouraged by from Tom Gleghorn, William Fletcher and Sheila McDonald to pursue his artistic traits. Hi work included stage designs. Reg went onto work in television as well as developing a stage career.

Hydrangeas by Reg Livermore

The Work of Art

There are two examples of Reg Livermore's artwork in the University of Canberra. Both were produced and acquired in 1977. Both works are still life settings. The first, Hydrangeas depicts a bowl of flowers near a window. There seems to be a two dimensional aspect to the work. which lacks the three-dimensional  perspective of similar still life works.  The second, Auriculas in Green depicts another still -life  setting although this time Reg has shown more perspective. Out of the two works, Auriculas in Green is more vibrant and colourful as the red and orange flowers stand out from the green foliage and the white vase. Both works were painted with acrylic paint onto paper.

Auriculas by Reg Livermore


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