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Peter Tyndall: A person looks at a work of art...

The Artist

According to the Art Sales Digest,  Peter Tyndall was born in Melbourne in 191 and studied architecture in Melbourne. He co-founded the Fosterville Institute of Applied and Progressive Cultural Experience in 1972 and was  an artist in residence at Monash University in 1975. Since 1972 , Tyndall has exhibited extensively in Australia and Europe.

A person looks at a work of art, by Peter Tyndall

The Work of Art

Printed and published in  1987 as part of ' The Land' Portfolio to mark the Bicentennial Anniversary of European arrival to Australia, this is a limited edition print 54 of 80.  The image or ideogram is meant to draw attention to the way in which content of a painting is given meaning by the context in which it is viewed by the viewer.  The print conveys quite effectively a sense of irony and the artist's humour. It is one of a series of the same title that includes  viewers looking at  Munch's 'Scream' and  an elaborate logo.

Peter Tyndall  A person looks at a work of art (Munch scream)  A person looks at a work of art logo ha ha by Peter Tyndall