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Peter Nabariambari Sugarbag Man and Lightning Spirit

The Works of Art

The University of Canberra Art Collection holds two work s of art  by Peter  Nabariambari.  The first  is an etching titled Sugarbag Man  dreaming story. The  print was created and published  in 1999. The Sugarbag-man story originates from an area just east of the  Mann River. The people were living in the area when Wak, the black crow became angry that they were stealing his country. So, he cut them in half with a stone axe. They became 'mankung or sugarbag, the honey of native bees that is found in hives in hollow trees. The bees do not sting and if it can be found, it is delicious.

Sugarbag Man by Peter Nabariambari Narmakkon by Peter Nabariambari

The second work of art,  was created and published around the same time. Namarrkon or lightning spirit is a figure that creates thunder by throwing stone axes down onto the earth. The axes can be seen protruding from various parts of his body, particularly around the joints.