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Paul Jamieson: You Can See

The Artist

Paul Jamieson  was born in 1974 and grew up in Canberra. He studied visual arts and graduated from the ANU School of Arts in 2000. Paul  is also one of the founding members of the Front Gallery in Lyneham.  Paul's works of art form a significant addition to Canberra's cultural landscape with installations across the ACT and its regions. His works can be found in CIVIC, the ANU (the Wedge) and Queanbeyan.

Paul Jamieson You can See

The Work of Art

Much of Paul's work concentrates on exploring  wood as can be seen in his sculpture in the ANU, called 'the Wedge' .  Cupressus Sempervirens in New Acton, shows just how flexible his medium can be. Similarly, Paul's Urbanimity works along similar lines. You can See' is a very significant public art work in the University's Art Collection. Created around 2006, it was made from the remnants of  a yellow box tree that came down in a storm on campus. It is very much a contemporary art image that combines natural material with  the sensation of modern industrial shapes. The name of the sculpture may arise from what may be considered a large eye  made from sections of wood at the top of the sculpture.