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Nicolas Nedelkopoulos Dark Lands

The  Artist

Nicholas  (Nickos) Nedelkopoulos  is an artist, printmaker, director and film producer and photographer. Born in Melbourne in 1955. Nicholas studied at Prahran CAE from 1973 to 1975, VCA in 1977 and RMIT in 1979. His work is based strongly in graphic tradition which can be seen throughout his work in all media types. He held 11 solo exhibitions in private galleries from 1977 to 1991  in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and 45 group exhibitions in the same time-frame.

Dark Lands by Nicholas Nedelkopoulos

The Work of Art

Much like other works in the Land Portfolio, Nicholas' work , Dark Lands, forms a talking point. It is much like his  other works portraying very graphic images.  As the title suggests, the image portrays  a nightmarish figure stalking the landscape emitting energy. The horror  and evil of the nature of the figure is emphasized by the deminished  image of a church in the background.  The work of art was created using lithographic techniques  in 1987 and was included  in the 'Land ' portfolio to mark the bicentennial anniversary of European arrival.