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Ngupulya Pumani: Maku Inmaku Pakani

Ngupulya Pumani Maku Inmaku Pakani

The Artist

Ngupulya Pumani is a senior Pitjantjatjara artist from Mimili in the Southern Desert region. She is part of a renowned artistic family,
with her mother, Milatjari Pumani, and her sister, Betty Kuntiwa Pumani both recognised painters. Ngupulya Pumani began painting
in 2009 and works through the Mimili Maku Arts Centre. Pumani is recognised for her commitment to Pitjantjatjara law and culture
and her works are imbued with the cultural knowledge and artistic skill that come from a lifetime of learning.

Inmaku Pakani

The Work of Art

In Maku inmaku pakani 2012 Pumani offers an exquisite depiction of the Maku (witchetty grub) tjukurpa at Antara. This site is dominated by two rock holes which women care for and celebrate in song and dance when they are full of rainwater. Also
important at the site are the plentiful Maku, which are dug up from beneath the witchetty bush and roasted on coals. The red
granite boulders that distinguish this landscape are prominent in the work and surround the waterholes and complex web of
tjukurpa trails connected to them. The work celebrates the cultural activity of women at Antara and their ongoing role in caring for