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Neville Weston Vegetation

Vegetation by Neville Weston


The Artist

Neville Weston was born in the United Kingdom in 1936  and is known for his painting and writing and for his academic work. Weston studied at the Stourbridge School of Art between 1952 and 1956 before going onto the Slade School (University College, London) where he achieved a University Diploma in Fine Art.

At Slade, he was a a student of William Coldstream, Claude Rogers as well as Lucian Freud and Ernst Gombich. Following on from his time at Slade he studied at the Courtauld Institute of Art History under Anthony Blunt and Douglas Cooper. . From 1961 to 1965, Weston was the principal lecturer at the Liverpool College of Art before lecturing at the University of Manchester.

His first association with Australia came with a visiting fellowship at the Australian National University in 1975. Two years later he relocated to Australia to teach Art history and Theory, South Australian School of Art, University of South Australia before moving to Perth to become Dean of School of Visual Art.  Weston went onto  Curtin University of Technology  and then James Cook University  teaching painting and art history.

The Work of Art

Neville Weston is known for his  figurative  works of art, landscapes and botanical studies. This work of art is a fine example of the latter. Created in 1975 during his time working at the Australian National University, it depicts a broad leafed plant in the foreground with  other  flora contrasting the foilage. The work is comparative with Kevin Conner's works (Corner of Conner's Garden) painted a year before. Bright greens and yellows strike against a dark background.

The University of Canberra  holds a number of works of art that represent  botany.  These works of art include those by....