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Nancy Parker, Main Street, Braidwood

Nancy Parker, Main Street, Braidwood

The Artist

What is known about Nancy Parker is that she trained at the East Sydney Technical College. Nancy travelled across the world both studying and teaching art. In New Zealand Nancy held a national art fellowship and in Italy, she won a prestigeous art award to travel and study. Not only did Nancy go onto exhibit in many group and solo exhibitions but designed books and taught at the University of Canberra back in the days when the campus was the Canberra College of Advanced Education.

Main Street, Braidwood by Nancy Parker

The Work of Art

Main Street Braidwood is an ink and felt pen drawing on paper. It was purchased in 1972 from the Macquarie Galleries , Canberra and is one of the earliest works of art acquired in the Art Collection. the image shows a sketch of mid to late Nineteenth Century Pre-Federation shop-front dominated by telegraph wires and television aerials. In some respects it provides commentary on 20th Century Braidwood.

Braidwood shopfronts Canberra Region


Accession Files, Curator, University of Canberra Art Collection