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Murray Walker Untitled

The Artist

Born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1937, Walker studied at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School, Melbourne and Melbourne Technical College (later RMIT) in 1958-1959.  Having been expelled from RMIT< Walker was given weekly criticisms by Fred Williams in his studio. On the advice of Roy Bisley, an ex-Slade tutor who taught printmaking at  RMIT, he enrolled at the Slade School of Fine Art, London, financing his trip by selling his art books. He worked as a technician in the Slade's print workshop, for which he received a small stipend and waiver of his fees in his second year. From 1960 until 1962 he studied etching under Anthony Gros, whose example as an artist and teacher was important to him. Also studying at the Slade at this time was fellow Australian Bea Maddock. In 1961 he attended the summer school at Perugia's Art Academy . While in London he was exposed to the Pop artists David Hockney, Derek Boshier and R.B Kitaj, and to contemporary American painting. Walker was offered a part-time position in printmaking at he Slade but decided to return to Australia in 1963.

From 1963 to 1970 he settled on a property at Kallista in the Danadenong Ranges outside Melbourne where he renewed his friendship with William, then living in neighbouring Upwey. Dering this period Walker made hundreds of etchings ina freely drawn and expressive manner, often inspired by popular culture.

Murray Walker Untitled

The Work of Art

This untitled screen-print was created in 1974. It is a limited  edition of which this is  the  32nd of 60. The image depicts a group of seated women in a desert setting.