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Muriel Luders, Country Scene

The artist

Muriel Luders  is best known for her landscape paintings.  Born  in 1906 in Gundagai, New South Wales, Muriel began painting quite late in life in 1962. Muriel was a self-taught 'primitive' artist and has been described as Australia's 'Grandma Moses'. Her works of art were exhibited across New South Wales and  the Australian Capital Territory and her works are held in a number of regional and state collections.  Muriel passed away in 1984.

Muriel Luders, Country Scene

The work of art

Country scene is a beautiful triptych typical of her style. It depicts a background of rolling hills and scattered trees in the foreground. The scenery is lush and green with colours that seem soft and pastel like. Although this triptych is non descript, many of her works depict actual landscapes from across New South Wales in a similar style such as Tumut, Holbrook and Blowering Waters.