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Mekini Tjuppurrula Illingawaurngawung Site and Seated Women

The Artist and the Work of Art.

illingawaurngawung by Mekini Tjuppurrula

Very little is known about Mekini Tjuppurrula except that she was born in 1932 and became heavily involved with other members of her family as artists in the Papunya Tula group in the 1980s.  There is very little biographical information on this artist and only one work of art has been registered as having sold at auction that can be positively identified as her work (Sotherbys in 2003).

Illingawaurngawung is a n image that depicts  body paint designs used in ceremonies associated with the site of Illingawaurngawunga. This is an unusual rock formation close to Mitukatjeri (Ligertwood Cliffs) sough of Sandy Blight Junction. The central roundel shows the main camp and the adjacent U shapes are the seated women. The roundels inthe corners of the painting show the camps of the young girls who are sitting apart from the older women.  The work of art is made from synthetic polymer paint onto canvas.


University of Canberra Art Collection  Artist files

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