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Max Miller: Cliffs Ormiston Creek, NT

The Artist

According to the Australian Art Gallery, Max Miller was born in Wellington, New South Wales in 1940. His art education  was fairly conventional with studies at the Julian Ashton School between 1963 and 1964 and the East  Sydney Technical College . Like many artists, Miller went onto travel overseas and his studied at the American School of Arizona,  Florence, Italy and then the Hammersmith College of Art  and the St Martins College of Art where he gained a graduate diploma of Art.

On his return to Australia in 1973, the artist became a part-time teacher at the East Sydney Technical College and Randwick Technical College while establishing the Zero Print Workshop. In 1977 he returned to live in the countryside when he established his own printmaking workshop at East Kangaloon, New South Wales where he still lives and works from.

Max is an artist who is able to offer other artists technical and artistic guidance in the production on multi-imprint works. A close friend, the artist Clifton Pugh who has often travelled with Max has said, I choose to do all my etchings with Max MIller because he is uttlerly unique. He is not only a great artist, he is a great craftsman as well. " Max has produced print editions for other artists including  Lloyd Rees, John Olsen, Arthur Boyd and Frank  Hodgkinson.

Cliffs of Ormiston by Max Miller

The  Work of Art

The Cliffs of Ormiston is a  limited edition screenprint created and published in 1990. The work  is a limited edition, the 8th of 40.  The image depicts a realistic view of a series of cliffs from  base. the cliffs casts a shadow on the desert ground with a delicate gum tree that rises the length of the cliff.