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Maureen Poulson Nanapangardi: Kalipinya Ka

Maureen Poulson Nanapangardi Kalipinya-Ka

The Artist

According to, Maureen Poulson Napangardi was born in 1958 in  Papunya, daughter to Pilyari Napurulla, a strong law woman for Papunya, and is sister and niece respectively to Papunya Tula artists Brogas Tjapangarti and Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula. They all share the Country around Ilpilli, Kalipinypa and Tjikari, and Maureen inherited their Kalipinypa Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) which tells of an important rain making ceremony, with the power to create new life and growth upon the land and the resulting storms.

Maureen’s work excites the eye as it elicits a sense of movement and vibrating patterns through her subtle shifts in colour and intricately dot-painted diamond shaped designs. She uses dotting to represent hailstorms, and her use of colours and designs are representative of waterholes, sandhills, clouds, lightning and rocks. Maureen often paints large scale, and dedicates many hours to each piece, painting at the art centre each day.

Kalipinypa Ka  by Maureen Poulson

The Work of Art

This beautiful screen print is a limited edition of twenty by Maureen Poulson.The print is an abstract design based on the landscape and country around Kalipinypa.