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Martin Corbin: Domestic Alchemy

The Artist

According to the encyclopedia  of Australian Art,  Martin Corbin was born in Hampshire, in the United Kingdom in 1949 and moved in Australia in 1973. Although he initially studied biology at York University, he took up and was  self taught in wood crafts. Since his arrival in Australia, Martin has held over 8 solo and 18 group exhibitions. His works are represented in the Art Gallery of South Australia, the National Gallery of Victory, Artbank and the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

Martin Corbin  Domestic Alchemy

The Work of Art

Domestic Alchemy is a relatively small wooden sculpture designed as a centre-piece for a conference room table. It was constructed in 1995 from  pieces of  old furniture. As the name of the sculpture suggests, it  signifies  re-use and sustainability.  The work resembles something akin to a musical instrument, as  the body of the sculpture is harp-like in  appearance.