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Mark Strizic: Commonwealth Offices, Spring Street, Melbourne.

The Artist

Mark  Strizic was born in Berlin in 1928 to a Croation father and a German  mother.  He studied initially  at secondary school in Zagreb before the family migrated to Australia in 1950.  He worked as a labourer to start with whilst studying physics at RMIT. Mark became a professional photographer in 1957 and soon established a reputation for his depictions of the rapidly changing Australian city of the late 1950s, 60s and early 1970s.

In the 1960s Melbourne, there was only a small number of dedicated architectural photographers. Two stood out in particular.  One was Wolfgang Sievers and the other was Mark Strizic. Strizic was and is different. He was interested in the art of the composition rather than the singular heroism of the object being photographed. He also put people into his photographs and included life in the art of architecture, not in a precious deprecating way- he made these confidently modern buildings appear utterly natural in their place and utterly natural for their time.

The Work of Art

The Commonwealth Offices Spring Street Melbourne is an example of Strizic's style in portraying latter modern Melbourne in  a natural  manner and composition. Notice how the  street lamp contrasts with the mass of glass and concrete behind it. The image was taken in 1958 and was printed on  silver gelatin.


Biographical notes  University of Canberra Art Collection Files.