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Margeret McLellan Option Auction & Regal Eagle

The Artist

According to the artist's own  webpages, Margaret Maclellan graduated in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh Collage of Art in 1987. She now works in the Outer Hebrides where not only is the challenging landscape of perennial interest but it’s layers of culture, history and nature help inform her work.

Drawing, painting and printmaking underpin her creative practice.

Engagment with materials is an important part of Margaret's creative process. She works with oil paints, watercolours, charcoal, graphite and with printmaking techniques such as mono print, etching, photopolymer and blind embossing.

In her recent botanically related work, she has sourced materials from her garden and the wild, where the two converge and with images which tie-in with her research. These are an evocation: of personal memory, of family threads and of human interaction with plants.

In some of her recent work she has explored surfaces, textures and shapes of plants.

Acknowledging the complete life cycle, the exquisite decay of leaves and petals are examined in ink; flowers are deconstructed, their form transformed and reconstructed on paper.

Her time is divided between her own practice and part time teaching.

Option Auction by Margaret Mclellan Regal Eagle by Margaret Mclellan

The Works of Art

The University of Canberra Art Collection has two works of art  representing Margaret McLellan. Both  works of art are believed to be wood-cut prints created in 1979 and are the first in a very limited range of ten prints. Both works depict rather abstract ideas. Option Auction shows two scenes. On the top register is a series of door, some open and others closed with geese peering out  with numbers around their necks. In the lower register is a set of  wooden chairs.  The second image, Regal Eagle,  depicts a room with a chair and a small bird sitting  on it . Opposite is an image of an eagle in a heraldric spread-eagle position. The images of the chair and the  eagle are somewhat juxtaposed. Both are interesting situations and much can be read into each.