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Luna Ryan: Vision

The Artist and work of art.

Luna Ryan was born in the Netherlands in 1957 but moved with her family shortly after to Australia. She studied  Visual arts at the Canberra Institute of the Arts between 1987 and 1990 before going onto study at the ANU. Between 1997 and 1997 Luna has exhibited her works in 5 major exhibitions.

Vision by Luna Ryan

Luna Ryan is regarded as one of Canberra's outstanding worker in glass and crystal. Her works are often described as manifestations of a personal mythology. .Surrounding the central form are a number of figures that carry a dish. The figures suggest a ritualistic protective function while at the same time allowing the viewer passage into the centre by ways of pathways or openings  between each configuration. Vision was created in 1995 and is made of six kiln-cast glass and crystal components formed using a 'lost wax kiln -casting technique.


Luna Ryan biographical note and exhibition information (University of Canberra Art Collection files)