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Krystal Hurst: Untitled Works

The Artist

According to the Gillawarra Arts website, Krystal Hurst is a  proud Worimi woman with family connections to the Biripi and Guringai Peoples on her mother's side and links to New Zealand through her father.  Krystal grew up on the banks of the River Manning, Taree and the Mid North Coast spending warm summers fishing, swimming and gathering sea foods at Forster and coastal inlets.

Art is Krystal's passion and she sees it as an extension of who she is, where she has come from and where she belongs. It is her identity.  As Krystal remarks, 'Since I was a wonai (child) I have been surrounded by arts and culture, and spending many moments with my family. I would describe my arts practice as 'speaking through art' which travels within the crevices of the canvas gliding in the stillness of each brush stroke or sketch....'

'I feel sometimes the voices of First Nations people not heard, valued or deeply understood. Through my arts I hope it inspires, it educations to make a lasting impact in our communities'.

Krystal Hurst untitled rectangular representation

The Works of Art

In  2017, Krystal gifted to the Ngunnawal Centre, University of Canberra two works of art. Both are created using acrylic paints onto  stretched canvases. The first is a circular canvas that depicts a series of wavy lines that represent the landscape. The effect of light blues against a dark red/maroon background is very evocative and resonates an  ancient landscape.

The second work of art depicts polygonal designs in aquamarine on a dark blue background. The design may  reflect cellular organisms in the warm mid  north New South Wales coastal waters close to where  Krystal grew up.

The works complement each other well as they reflect different aspects of Krystal's homeland and landscapes, one the land  and the other the seas and waters.


Krystal Hurst,