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Katherine Nix: Forest Hieroglyphics 2

Katharine Nix, Forest Hieroglyphs 2

The Artist

Born in Toowoomba in 1940, Katharine Nix first trained as an art teacher. She later specialised as a papermaker and paper artist, producing limited edition artists’ books. Her work has been exhibited across Australia and internationally in Japan. In 2003, she created The Garden during her residency in the Edition and Artist Book Studio at ANU (the Australian National University, Canberra) (Courtesy of the Design and Art Australia Online).

Forest Heiroglyphs by Katharine Nix

The Work of Art

Forest Hieroglyphs, created in 1994 is an embossed paper print. Katharine's artworks emphasizes different forms of texture. Here, the natural texture of different wood surfaces come to represent its own language.  In other works such as 'wave washed' and 'Fugitive Forest',  Katharine's  manipulation of  paper  enhances  the texture of the pages giving that natural rough appearance and  enhances the theme of the art.

Similar works of art can be viewed in the University's Art Collection by artists G W Bot and  Dorothy Cameron.

Wave Washed by Katherine Nix The Fugitive Forest by Katharine Nix