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Kate Lohse: Potatoe Princess & other works

The Artist

Kate Lohse was born in Crookwell, New South Wales in 1948 and is best known as a printmaker and installation artist. Kate has exhibited her works in a number of selected exhibitions including those at the Mori Gallery between 1980 and 1991 as well as at Broken Hill City Art Gallery and the aGOG in Canberra. Her works have also been exhibited in group exhibitions such as 'Heartland' at the Wollongong City Art Gallery, Newcastle Regional Gallery  and the Heide Park and Art Gallery in Melbourne; Shocking Diversity at the Print Council of Australia and many others.

Potatoe Princess by Kate Lohse

The Works of Art

The University of Canberra is fortunate to have three works of art by Kate Lohse in its Art Collection. The first, 'Potatoe Princess is a small black and white  etching created in 1992. The image shows three children lying on a beach. It is a small  representation that resembles an old-fashioned post-card which, to mark the resemblance has a postage date  stamp in the top right corner. This photo-etching springs from a multitude of thoughts that slipped in and out of Kate's mind including the hostile and alienating environment, significant women, our past influences, the difficulty of relinquishing the plate to someone else's solution- thoughts which are dominated by the work at hand.

The second work, which is untitled,  follows on from Potatoe Princess in being the outcome of Kate's personal thought process. It is a rather dark  possessing figure, perhaps even haunting.

Untitled by Kate Lohse