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Jugadai Daisy Napltjarri: Haasts Bluff

Jugadai Daisy Napltjarri, Haasts Bluff

The  Artist

Daisy began painting at the Ikuntji Women's centre. Her mother, is Narputta Nangala, born at Karrkurutinytja (Lake MacDonald) south of  Kintore. Her father was Timmy Jugadai from Yarripilangu, who painted for Papunya Tula in the 1970s and 1980s. Daisy paints the country to the south and west of Haasts Bluf where she lives. She has been back  painting with Ikuntji Art Centre since mid 2004 following several years painting in Darwin. Daisy is well regarded in the Indigenous arts world and is a n award winner for Telstra in 2000.  Daisy's work s of art feature in in 10  national collections and her works have been exhibited in  at least  32  exhibitions in an 8 year period.

Haasts Bluff by Daisy Napaltjarri

The Work of Art

Haasts Bluff is a a very bright work of  art that depicts  the landscape around  Haasts Bluff. The colours show the contrasts in  nature- the blue skies against the ochre of the hill s and the green flora, scrub and bushes. It is in fact quite an accurate depiction.

Haasts Bluff