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Judith Rosenberg: Sun, smoke and steel

The Artist

From the  Art on Cairncross website,  Judith Rosenberg trained as a painter at Leeds University in the UK for her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, her main subject was painting - with printing taken as an elective. As part of her honours degree,  Judith wrote a these on paintings related to Commedia del'Arte. On completing  her studies, Judith was employed as a zoological illustrtor for the London Zoological Society.

On moving to Australia, Judith was employed as a lecturer in the following tertiary institutions,  The Canberra School of Art, ANU, The University of Canberra and TAFE. Judith also had contracts for botanic illustration and for graphic art.

In 1988, because of her keen interest in drawing and the fine line, Judith turned to printmaking. For the next nine years, she printed in Studio One in Canberra, which was an editioning studio facilitated by Master printer, Basil Hall.

While in Canberra, Judith's work was acquired by the Parlaimentary Library as well as by the new hospital in Canberra. She also designed the decorative braid for the academic ceremonial robes of the University of Canberra. Judith moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1997.Since then, in most years, Judith has either  been in group exhibitions or had solo exhibitions.

Sun Smoke and Steel by Judith Rosenberg

The Works of Art

Judith 's prints are limited edition three colour etchings . The subject matter is often figurative with a complex decorative border or style. More recently, her work reveals an underlying humour. As well as creating her own work, Judith has also facilitated many on-toxic workshops in Queensland using aluminium plates and copper sulphate. Flor Judith, drawing is a fundamental skill that she maintains with daily practice. It also allows her to most directly externalise the idea in mind, as it goes directly onto paper with no other process involved.

Judith Rosenberg Genie