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John Wooller: A Sea of Troubles

The Work of Art

John Wooller Sea of Troubles

Very little is known about John Wooller although he is an active artist working in Victoria. His often small table sculptures are  abstract creations.  Sea of Troubles  is a composite sculpture of wood and metal that forms interesting and sometimes clashing  shapes and lines.  The wooden circle and horizontal ripples are bisected by a series of vertical  rods that point upwards.  Other sculptures so far researched by John Wooller are of a similar size and nature.  Great Dunsinane (believed to be in a private collection) uses the mixed media of wood and metal to similar effect.

Great Dunsinane by John Wooller

Sea of Troubles is made from Jarrah Burl wood and bronze on a granite plinth. It was created around 1994 and acquired shortly after by the University of Canberra.