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John Reid: The Fishman of S.E. Australia, Deua River

The  Artist

According to the School of Art and Design, ANU,  John  Reid is a visual artist, graphic designer, curator, educator and pedagogic researcher. As a visual artist he works with the media of photography, collage and performance. The environment and human rights are the enduring themes of his artwork. He collaborates with scientists and environmental activists to visually and aesthetically communicate about ecologically significant landscapes. He has integrated a visual arts practice of more than 30 years into his role as a tertiary visual arts researcher and educator with a strong entrepreneurial emphasis in rural communities.

His research is concerned with procedures for artist engagement with scientists and community leaders to create aesthetic visual material that enhances community deliberation of values that are fundamental to the development of public policy.

As a nationally awarded visual art educator, he is a convenor in the School of Art Environment Studio Field Study program The program provides students with field research opportunities for fine art production. Since his inception and development of the Field Study program in 1996, he has convened 38, and field co-ordinated 26, programs.

Reid has curated, (and exhibited in) more than 30 group exhibitions in rural south-eastern Australia that address local environmental issues. As a graphic designer he specialises in book, logo and display typeface design.

His artwork is in the collections of the University of Canberra, the Australian National University, the Nevada Museum of Art, Canberra Museum and Gallery

Fishman of S.E Australia by John Reid

The Work of Art

Fishman of S.E Australia is a large  photographic framed print. It was created in 1993 and depicts part of the River Deua. The photograph is one in a series taken under the Fishman project by John Reid.  The image depicts the pattern made by the  far river-bank on a smooth almost glasslike river surface.