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John Pratt: Pediment and other works of art

The Artist

John Pratt is an established printmaker in Canberra and is known for his work with chilren and youth groups. He is a lecturer in the printmedia and drawing workshops at the National Institutue of the Arts and has frequently exhibited interstate and in Europe. In 2002, he was part of an exhibition ' The Sleep of Reason' at the Canberra Museum and Gallery which received the Canberra Critics Circle Award. John is represented in many public collections including he National Gallery of Australia , ANU, The National Library, Art Gallery of NSW and many more.

Dusk by John Pratt Pediment by John Pratt

The Work of Art

A consummate printmaker, painter and drawer, John Pratt is primarily concerned with landscape and its relationship with the human figure. In his images, the boundaries between the figure and its environment are dissolved, each serving as a visual metaphor for for the existence of the other. These very lyrical works are deliberate in their ambiguity and offer a very original interpretation of landscape. The works are a combination of etching and relief printing. John describes his works as 'part of an ongoing exploration of he meaning imbued in a range of simple physical gestures- walking, holding, reaching, standing and falling. They refer to the tenuous state of being which are braced by references to landscape and text, Pediment, Held and Dusk are from a solo exhibition  called 'Brace' and were produced around 2005.

Writing about  Brace in  2005, art critic Sasha Grishin said of the key work, 'Held', that it is a remarkably sophisticated work, when seen in terms of its disparate elements, but one which has been dramatically combined and frozen within a simple geometric structure. There this resonance  within the work- moody, disturbing and full of erupting energy, but also a restraint and reserve. Penetration has been permitted, the forms have been liberated, yet all of this exists within a tight and preordained structure.

Ravine by John Pratt

Held by John Pratt


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