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John Perkins: Low Tide Half Moon Bay, Drummoyne

The Artist

John Perkins is a widely recognised traditional oil artist who has pursued various subjects, yet is most renowned for his marine, streetscapes & still life paintings.

John is a Fellow and President of the Royal Art Society of NSW, former President and Life Member of Drummoyne Art Society, Honorary Member of Lane Cove Art Society and Inaugural President of the Combined Art Societies of Sydney. He has been awarded over 70 first prizes and many highly commended awards throughout his career, continuing to exhibit and gain accolades such as the Lloyd Rees, Waterford and Joshua Smith Awards.

The Work of Art

Low Tide at Half Moon Bay, Drummoyne, is a landscape in the traditional style and manner.  Almost a third of the picture, the foreground depicts the  mud-flats as the tide is out. This creates an interesting mixture of greys and light blues mixed with different hues of brown. The middle distance shows the harbour with small boats and the reflection of the opposite bank on the water. The work  was painted using oils on to canvas in 1983.