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Jo Hollier Red Family Tree Series

The Artist

From Jo Hollier's  website:

Jo Hollier, a respected Canberra artist and art tutor in drawing, painting, etching and printmaking, works full time from her studio at Strathnairn Arts Association, in the rural setting of Holt. Jo specialises in printmaking methods to produce unique prints and limited edition etchings.

Jo specialises in printmaking techniques that produce unique prints and limited edition etchings. Her detailed and technically brilliant works reflect a deep respect for the natural world interpreted, and influenced by a love of colour, texture and design.

Through her work Jo explores painterly aspects of printmaking; experimenting with textures and colours. She manipulates the ink on the printing plate, combining techniques, mixing colour and adding texture and depth through collaged papers.

Jo's Arts practice, based in printmaking  draws inspiration from  the Australian bush, in particular the S.E. Forests of NSW, its unique botany and native fauna. She is an artist with a respectful affinity with nature. Many of her collections draw on her personal experiences, life events and reflect a fascination for different cultures. This is a result of many years travelling and living in Asia and the Pacific.

Jo Hollier has participated in many group and solo exhibitions both locally and nationally and internationally. Her work is widely collected and has been selected for many curated exhibitions here and abroad.

Red Family Tree by Jo Hollier

The works of art

The red family tree series is a set of 3 prints showing a family of birds in  amongst some plants. The first is an image in red, the second in black  and the third, combines the two. Jo takes  much influence and inspiration from the natural world and  every-day details and situations.  In Jo's words,  'I prefer to concentrate on the beauty of small things and be selective about where I focus. My mission is to create work that elevates the mood.' The work of art was created using a lino block and was created in 2012.


About  Jo Hollier: