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Jean Conron, Flower Study

Jean Conron, Flower Study

The Artist

Very little is known about Jean Conron other than that she was a local artist to Canberra. Conron is amongst a number of artists active in the late 1960s and 1970s which we have very little information. This shows somewhat the dilemma of art collectors for contemporary art on what and whose work to collect. We do know however that Jean Conron exhibited some of her works as far back as 1967 where an article in the Canberra Times lists her works in an amateur exhibition at the Nundah Gallery.  The exhibition was described as representing Canberra as aesthetically sophisticated.The article goes onto describe Conron's style as being more draughtsman-like rather than painterly.

Jean Conron, Flower Study

The Work of Art

Flower Study is a colourful still life composition showing a bowl of flowers on a table. The whole effect is a little blurred so the viewer may focus more upon the flowers. The work is colourful and has a pleasing effect and contributes to a decorative genre.

Many works of art chosen in the early years of the Canberra College of Advanced Education were chosen for their decorative appeal. The object of the Art Collection then as is now has been to provide a sense of comfort and colour to the University areas of work and study. Clearly, this work fitted that role.


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Jean Conron, Artist File courtesy of the Collections Coordinator.