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Jacinta Waugh: Animal Footprints

The Artist

According to the Red Kangaroo Gallery website, Jacinta Numina was born at Stirling Station, Central Australia in 1965. In the early eighties, she started painting with a group of lady elders from the Utopia region. The central theme of her artwork relates to her knowledge of the Anmatyerre Women`s Law and her country.

In 1996, Jacinta moved to Darwin to formally study art at Charles Darwin University and completed her Associate Degree in Art and Design in 2003. The next year saw her complete her traineeship in printmaking and was then appointed as a fulltime printmaker at Northern Editions, she currently works with the NT Government.

Jacinta is one of six sisters and three brothers, her Mother is Barbara Price Mbitjana. The Numina Sisters are well-known for their bright and colourful bush medicine leaf paintings. They each have a unique expression within the overall Bush Medicine Leaves style. Bush Medicine Leaves vivid sometimes flamboyant, sometimes subtle, sometimes even intense, the contemporary play of the palette gives uplift to the onlooker and the room.

"This is the story of the Thorny Devil Lizard. The dots represent the thorny skin and the tracks the Lizard makes as it crosses the desert in search of food and water. The different colours reflect how the lizard changes its skin colour with the changing temperature of the sun and when under threat. Not only does the Thorny Devil Lizard make good eating, because of its spines, it makes an ideal hairbrush."

Jacinta Waugh animal prints

The Work of Art

Animal Footprints is a screenprint limited edition 36 of 36. The picture depicts footprints of kangaroo, echidna and ding o as they hunt for food and water. According to the artist, the inclusion of dingo prints are from the artist's  father's dreaming. The inclusion of kangaroo  footprints represents her mother's dreaming.  The picture was created and published in 1999.