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Ikseetarkyuk: Crane Eskimo

The Artist

Luke Iksiktaaryuk (also known as Ikseektaryuk) was born in the Kazan River area of Canada around 1909. He is best known for his sculpture and drawing having exhibited his work from 1964 to 1977 (the year of his death) and beyond  till at least the mid 1990s. He is one of the best known  Inuit culture artists, whose works are represented  worldwide.

Crane Eskimo

The Work of Art

Crane Eskimo is a  stone-cut print  created and published in 1970.  It is a limited edition print of which this is the 17th edition of 50.  The work depicts a long necked bird on a rough surface. The crane eskimo is a popular  subject in the Inuit  culture and is depicted in a range of different media. The work of art is one of two Canadian indigenous works  gifted to the University of Canberra (the other is the legend of the Raven and the Loon).

Inuit Crane