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Helen Geier Expanded Field and other Works

Helen Geier, Expanded Field and other works.

The Artist

According to Beaver Galleries, Canberra, Helen Geier trained at Alexander Mackie College and the National Art School in Sydney and has post-graduate qualifications from St Martin’s School of Art, London and RMIT University, Melbourne. Helen lectured at the Canberra School of Art for fourteen years but now concentrates on her studio practice full-time. Highly successful exhibitions in France, Singapore, New Zealand and India have added to her growing international profile. Helen has exhibited since 1986 in at least  57 venues in solo exhibitions and at least as many in group exhibitions. Helen Geier’s work is represented in many collections including the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra), National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), Canberra Museum and Gallery, Artbank, Australian National University (Canberra), National Library of Australia (Canberra), Lasalle Institute of the Arts (Singapore) and Yiyouzhai Art Museum (Shanghai).

Expanded Field (Fan) by Helen Geier Expanded Field (Text) by Helen Geier Expanded Field (Cube) by Helen Geier

Expended Field (Leaves) Expanded Field (Trees) Expanded Field (Graph)Expanded Field (Text) by Helen Geier

The Works of Art

Exhibited in the Canberra  Museum and Art Gallery (CMAG), as part of  of the joint  University of Canberra and  Australian National University exhibition, 'Collected Wisdom'.  The Expanded Field series represents Helen's attention and preoccupation with perspective and grids, a certain surreality, questions of time, the rhythm and geometry of place, as well as a beautiful sense of mystery obtained  through fascinating juxtapositions of structures.

Similar  levels of detail and the preoccupation with  structures can be seen in some of Helen 's other works. for example , Winter Grass and Shaft, which demonstrates the  above  in a much larger scale. With these two paintings, Geier's brush strokes  bring about an explosion of forms onto the canvas.

Shaft by Helen Geier  Winter Grass