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Heinz Moritz Untitled

The artist and work of art

Living and working in the Dandenong Ranges of south-eastern Victoria, the Australian woodworker, Heinz Moritz (born 1931), has crafted monumental objects from Australian timbers and often from Victorian species. The large wooden  bowl is hand-carved  from a Victorian white gum  in 1979.  The work demonstrates the way in which he explores the natural characteristics of the timber to create unique forms. Between the early 1970s and the late 1990s, he focussed almost entirely on making large wooden bowls.

Moritz moved to the Dandenong Ranges in the early 1970s in search of an environment to enrich his work. From the bush, he carefully selected timber that he rough carved to shape, left to stabilise, and later finished with additional carving and polishing. Michael Griggs, manager of the Craftworks gallery in Sydney (1980-2003) and a Director of the Crafts Board, Australia Council (1974-1978), believes that Moritz was a pioneer in this field, working with Australian timbers long before they gained popularity amongst local woodworkers and the general public.