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Graham Fransella, Figure in the Sand

Graham Fransella Figure in Sand

The Figure in the Sand by Graham Fransella

According to the Beaver Galleries, 'Graham Fransella is a painter, print-maker and sculptor who works intuitively, allowing perceived meaning to emerge after the work is completed. Graham explores landscapes and figures through strong bold strokes which are reminiscent of pictograms and graffiti. Above all, these distinctive, powerful and occasionally playful works use the “presence of human form and the absence of personal identity” to portray the human condition.' 1Graham has become well  known for his figurative works over the past 5- 10 years with his distinctive outlined human figure.  According to Beaver Galleries who  has represented the artist since 1993,  Fransella has exhibited his works in over fifty exhibitions and has had works selected for the Archibold, Wynne and Dobell Art prizes. His works have been exhibited across Australia and Europe and can be found in many major  collections. 2

The ‘Figure on sand’ represents a classic example of Graham Fransella’s work showing the bold outline of a figure with an arm raised on a yellow/orange background. This is an exiting bright work that works on many levels as the figure is anonymous and abstract. Although the figure renders a physical presence, it is merely an outline and could refer to an outline drawn around homicide victims.


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