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Ginger Yikilyiri: Kunamata

Ginger Wiikilyiri , Kunamata

The Artist

According to the Nomad Arts Page,  Ginger was born at Kunamata a rock hole south of Nyapari in 1932. His father had three wives. Wingu Tingima is the daughter of the first wife and Ginger the son of the second. Ginger is a senior law man and has cultural responsibilities for both Kunumata and Piltati.

His passion for landmanagement and horticulture has taken him to Israel where he learn’t about arid land techniques and Mutitjulu where he worked for many years as a ranger for the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Kunamata by Ginger Wikiliri

The Work of Art

Kunamata refers to a rock hole south of Nyapari, AŠĻČangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands,in South Australia. It is a limited edition screenprint that  details  the  landscape known to Ginger Wikilyiri.  This is  just one  of a number of designs titled 'Kunamata' by Ginger although many of the  artistic motifs  are similar across each work of art.

According to Nomad Art ,Tjulpu palumpa ngura apu kulpi (these birds have their home in small caves in the rocky hills). Tjulpu ini ipuru, tjulpu mutu- mutu (the name of these birds is spinifex pigeon and they are small birds). Apu Kunamata pulka tjuta (at Kunamata there are many big rocky hills). Kuniya wati munu kuniya minyma ananyi palumpa ngura tali (one man and women python are going to there home in the sandhills) Ngayuku ngura Kunamata (my home is at Kunamata).