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George Foxhill: To Shield the Land

The Artist

According to George Foxhill's own website,  George was born in Austria in 1921  as Georg Fuchsberger.  He studied Art in Austria at the Kunstgewerbaschule and the Volkhochschule. In 1956 he immigrated to Australia with his family, where he anglicised his name George Foxhill and settled in the city of Canberra. He has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions since 1962.

More recently, in 2006, to mark his 85th birthday, both the Canberra Museum and Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery held major exhibitions of his work.

George continued to paint and sketch right up until he passed away in 2011, at the age of 90. George leaves behind a collection of paintings that can be viewed on this website under Gallery.

George Foxhill, To Shield the Land

The Work of art

To Shield the land is a large dypticsh work of art that depicts 'Adam and Eve' in the Garden of Eden. The figures are meant to reflect the moment when Adam comes to understand knowledge and covers Eve's nakedness. According to Foxhill, his painting is '"elemental, but not simple; deeply felt, but not sentimental; complex, but not sophisticated; thought provoking, but not intellectual. To understand my work is a simple mental process: a rich rewarding experience." George Foxhill 1995.  There is something of the post-modernist nature about George's artworks that relates to the works produced in the German and Austrian regions following the First World War and his  art schooling during that period.

The work of art  was painted using oils and resin onto two large canvases  and was  painted in 1991. The work of art was donated to the University of Canberra after the artist passed away by his  Estate.