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Gail English: The Murrumbidgee

The Artist

Gail English  was born in Sydney in 1939 although the family moved to the country (Young, NSW). Gail studied painting and drawing East Sydney Technical College, Sydney between 1958 to 1960. Like many artists of the time, Gail travelled and studied overseas including living in New York and working as an interior designer. Gail also lived in France  before returning to Sydney and studying printmaking at the East Sydney Technical College. Since 1995 English has been painting  full-time.

Gail English, The Murrumbidgee

The Work of Art

The  Murrumbidgee is a screen-print created and published in 1989. It depicts a stretch of the Murrumbidgee  Rive, which at this point is quite narrow leading into a set of hills in the background. Gail is known particularly for two kinds of art. Her landscapes  for which the Murrumbidgee is a good example and her contemporary abstract works. Gail is a skillful and accomplished artist.  A brief survey of her works, shows  her range of styles from realistic  landscapes to works that  resemble abstract and cubist. Flood-waters  created in 1990  seems to  blend the two  genres with great effect.

Floodwaters by Gail English