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Freya Van Holst Pellekaan Woven Hanging

Freya Van Holst Pellekaan: Woven Hanging No.12

The artist

Very little is known about Freya other than the fact that she was an artist very active in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Her works of art were exhibited through commercial galleries in Canberra at the Narek Gallery and in Woden, where she collaborated with Graham Eadie in 1972.

Woven Hanging No 12

The work of art

Woven Hanging No 12 is the product of Freya's creative use of different textures and fibres to make new forms of art. Woven Hanging is not just about its visual appearance but how it feels. Woven Hanging No 12 demonstrates how tactile art can be. Similar textiles are also in the collection of the Queensland Art Gallery, GOMA.

Woven hangings also have become popular as a decorative form of art as much as tapestry and cross-stitch. As with Freya's works, the art-form became highly popular in the 1970s and is experiencing a revival through the work of Lauren and Kass Hernandez. According to the My Modern Met website, they are best known for creating large scale art-forms inspired by Mother Nature and their surrounding landscape. Together known as Crossing Threads, their highly textural wall hangings are a visualization of their “dual personalities and contrasting abilities.” Each piece is crafted by intertwining sustainable and up-cycled materials, aiming to represent “the innate connection that we are all threads which make up the tapestry of life".

Crossing Threads