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Frances Jones: Still life works

Frances Jones: Still life with Daisies in Copper and Blue Bowl works

The Artist

Very little is known about this artist despite the fact that her works are now becoming very popular. According to an entry in Trove, Frances was born in Sydney in 1923 and went onto study at the East Sydney Technical College and later, the  Julian Ashton School.  Frances is known to have begun painting still life  scenes from 1964 according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Jones had her own gallery in Woolahra, Sydney and exhibted her work widely in Australia.  Frances Jones was particularly known for her 'niave' style. This style exaggerates areas of the subject that appeals to the artist. It is a school of art that is often compared to 'primitive' but is somewhat more sophisticated.

It is noteworthy that Frances' brother, Paul was also a well known artist who also worked in the niave style and focussed on floral subjects.

Daisies in Copper by Frances Jones

The Works of Art

The University of Canberra holds two still-life works of art by Frances Jones. Daisies in copper and the Blue vase are similar in style with bright bold colours very much like many of her other works. Sometimes her works show the vase on a balcony overlooking a landscape of green rolling fields and at other times, a Venician Canal. Both works were acquired between 1974 and 1975 from the Anna Simons Gallery in Canberra.

Blue Bowl by Frances Jones


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