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Dorothy Cameron Paris & Alexandrian Inscription

Dorothy Cameron, Paris and other works

Again, very little is known about this artist although research is continuing. What we do know is that Dorothy was born on 15th September 1917 and was active in the 1960s and 1970s when she travelled and lived in France.  Dorothy passed away in  2002.

Dorothy's  style could be considered  post-modern and abstract. Her works, such as those  held by the National Gallery of Australia, depict  shapes and forms superimposed on each other.  Much can be interpreted from  these (largely untitled images).  For example, images in green and brown depict a large figure outlined on a lighter background with what seems to be  two green  shapes much like vegetable cells on the figure. Is this a contrast of macro and micro?

The artwork, Paris, in itself seems a little more surreal than the  image described above. The work of art is collage like with parts of pictures and imprints in close proximity to each other. There is a hand , a number of leaves,  and part of a grid like pattern.  To me, the  objects being depicted reflect nature and nurture. However, there is no wrong or right way to read this image or  get a single  meaning. The work 'Paris' is a limited edition print. The  example in the University of Canberra's collection is the artist's proof (A/P) and one  of 15.  Other examples of this print are known in the National Gallery of Australia. The work of art was  created in 1976 when Dorothy was  located in France.

Dorothy Cameron, Paris

The second work of art in the Art Collection of the University of Canberra is an interesting work called  Alexandrian  Inscription. This work, Painted using synthetic  polymers on a rough embossed paper, it mimics a Ptolomaic inscription on an ancient wall. the symbols resemble Pheonician rather than Heiratic or Greek. The work seems like ancient graffiti.

Alexandrian Inscription